Annual Appeal Staff Portal


Welcome to the AAA Staff Portal. We hope this page will become a repository of all documents that parish staff members may need in regards to the Archbishop's Annual Appeal. We've built the page with the most commonly asked for documents in an effort to make sure that you have access to important AAA materials 24/7. Our goal is to make this portal your first stop when looking for bulletin messages, Appeal graphics and images, Appeal Office forms, and more. This page will not house parish-specific reports which will continue to be emailed directly to Pastors and parish secretaries on a regular basis. Pledged Amount and Participation Rate totals are also updated for the public weekly on the Archdiocese of Hartford website. If there is a document that you don't see but think would be helpful to have on this page, please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to upload it. If you're looking for it, there's a good chance someone else is too. Thank you for all that you do in making the Archbishop's Annual Appeal a success.

Tina Poet
Director, Archbishop's Annual Appeal

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